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What are the best faux wood blinds?

Faux wood blinds are an excellent blind choice for those looking for the classic look of real wooden blinds, with increased durability and PVC properties. Faux wood blinds don’t just look great, but they’re great for a budget too as they are generally cheaper than real wood blinds making them an excellent choice for any room in the home.

Best budget faux wood blinds

A white faux wooden blind in a kitchen.
Faux wood blinds are an excellent alternative to natural wood blinds as they are generally cheaper, but give the same look to your window dressings. Some of our favourite budget faux wood blinds options include:
  • Premier Bright White Faux Wood: Starting from just £8.90, these white faux wood blinds are a blind bestseller, and in a bright white hue and flame-retardant PVC blind slats are sure to brighten up any room!
  • Premier 50mm Grained Bright White Faux Wood: Another best-selling blind available from just £8.90 again, with a grained white faux wood finish to complement your windows 
  • Deco Ice White Faux Wood: Available from £9.17, these icy white blinds captures the essence of classic wooden blinds, with the added versatility of PVC properties.

Grey taped faux wood blind in a dining room.

Best faux blinds for the bedroom

Looking for the perfect faux wood blinds for the bedroom? You’ve come to the right place. Our range of faux wood blinds for the bedroom are great for keeping the heat in and keeping your bedroom nice and darkened during the evening with our high-quality faux blind slats. Check out our bright white faux wood blind  that is perfectly made and fitted for any bedroom, creating a place you’ll want to curl up in, enjoying the privacy in your home.


Best faux wood blinds for kitchens and bathrooms

Faux wood blinds are most popular for kitchens and bathrooms due to their PVC blind qualities, making them a water-resistant and durable option for a kitchen blind or bathroom blind. For a calming bathroom feel, we recommend this deco grey faux wood blind to create an elegant yet practical feel for your bathroom window dressings.
Stained faux wood blinds in a bay window.

Best faux wood blinds that look like real wood

If you’re looking for the durability of faux wood blinds, but want your blinds to look just like real wood blinds, we suggest taking a look at our oak style faux wood blinds, looking at them you would hardly tell they’re not real wood. We love this impressions oak faux wood blind that is sure to add character to any room while being a practical choice of blind with PVC material.  
What our customers say
four stars
Oslo Blackout Rock
Good quality blind for the price.
five stars
2 days ago
Premier 50mm Grained Bright White
Really great quality, love the faux wood look. Very reasonable price too.
five stars
2 days ago
Lucca Blackout Cream
Really good quality, much better than the ones they replaced. Clean and crisp.
five stars
2 days ago
Dapple Solar Ice
Has helped insulate my cottage. When closed, I can feel the heated reflected back off the blinds....
five stars
2 days ago
Manila Henna
Great product.
Petra Bravencova
five stars
2 days ago
Splash Oyster
very good up to expectations
four stars
2 days ago
Premier 35mm Bright White
This is a good product, but bear in mind if you buy this product from swift direct you won't have...
Saeid Gharibi
five stars
3 days ago
Mississippi Glacier White
Lovely looking binds
Phil Pearce
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