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Three situations when electric Venetian blinds can make your day

Swift Direct Blinds launches a range of electric Venetian blinds to help you transform your home or office. Electric Venetian blinds combine the minimalism of a Venetian blind and a convenience of the electric aspect. Our motors offer an ability to tilt Venetian blinds with a touch of a button. The operation is easy and will be especially useful when windows are hard to reach.

Electric Venetian Blinds Tilt Operation

We picked three situations when you are going to get an instant benefit of using the electric Venetian blinds.

1. Morning routine you will enjoy

We all have our morning routines and some of them are pretty dull, but here is the one you will enjoy. You wake up in the morning but have a few more minutes before you get out of bed. However, you can reach for the remote controller. In a matter of moments and a push of a button, you tilt the slats of the blind. Now the sunlight is shining through the window before you get out of bed. It’s a perfect way to start and win the day. 

2. Wow your guests with your style

Bear in mind that Venetian blinds are not just practical but decorative as they come in a range of colours and styles. Now, imagine that you have a few guests around. When you want a bit of privacy or even a bit of colour in the room, tilt your blinds in a second. You might hear: “Wow, that’s cool.” If not, at least you are likely to be asked where you got your blinds from.

3. Turn your home into a smart home

Electric Venetian blinds are an entry level to make your home smart. If you haven’t started yet, this would be a fantastic opportunity to try out what it is like to make your home smart. It’s ideal for people who like their gadgets.

Now you have even more reasons to bring the convenience of electric Venetian blinds to your home. If you are still not sure, read our page on why to buy electric Venetian blinds. Alternatively, browse the full range of our electric Venetian blinds if you are ready to transform your home.